1. Warning: Mpreg, Fluffy, Smut, Lots of smut


    Summary: Three years ago Harry and Louis welcomed their little boy Caleb into the world; at the time Niall joked about Liam and Zayn having a baby, but Ziam is at the point in their relationship where children are an option.

    Or the one where Liam and Zayn decide to have a baby, but it doesn’t go as planned.

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    This is hell! Worse than getting mobbed by the most frantic fans, worse than his first hang over ever.

    “I’m dying.” Niall groaned, retching once more. “Dying.” He moans again, morning sickness kicking his ass like no other. He really wished someone would come and cuddle him but that probably wasn’t going to happen seeing as he lived alone and the father of this baby was off somewhere with his boyfriend. “Dying.”

    “Niall.” Liam’s voice calls, ringing in Niall’s ears. He groans and place his forehead against the toilet, the door slammed and rattled Niall’s skull. “Niall, I brought Nandos!” Niall groans again, no, no food! “Niall!” Liam gasps, hurrying into the bathroom and kneeling down next to the blonde on the tiled floor, hands coming up to feel Niall’s forehead to feel for a fever that wasn’t there. Niall swatted him away, he wasn’t sick, Liam’s child just hated him. “Oh babe, you not feeling well?”

    Niall hums and lets Liam pull him closer to his body.  What a way to tell someone you’re pregnant, have them find you throwing up. He took the tests (yes, tests, he took ten just to be sure) yesterday and planned a dinner for tonight to tell Liam and Zayn. If only the baby would behave and let Niall finish cooking, he wondered if this was how it was going to be for the next nine months. Liam rubbed Niall’s back and reached up to grab the glass Niall kept by the sink.

    “Here, drink some water. It’ll take the taste away.” Niall wanted to refuse, he didn’t want to move, just wanted to stay cuddled up to Liam like this. “Come on Niall, just a sip and then your finished.” Weakly Niall did as told, taking the water into his mouth and letting Liam help him spit into the toilet. “Think you’re finished?” Niall nodded, his stomach no longer doing flips. “Okay, I’m going to pick you up and take you back to bed.” He didn’t even bother responding letting Liam scoop him up and carry him back to bed, covering him with his green comforter.

    Niall snuggled with his pillows as Liam walked around his bedroom, going in and out of the bathroom and talking softly to someone on the phone. Niall hated begin sick, but he knew how happy this was going to make his friends so he’d just lay there and endure it. Liam returned to his side carrying a wet towel. With warm hands Liam pulled Niall’s collar down and laid the towel on his forehead.

    “No he doesn’t have a fever, but he’s all sweaty and he was throwing up when I found him.” Liam tells whoever is on the other line, hands running along Niall’s face lovingly. He hates the idea of any of his friends being sick but Niall is so precious to them, to him it physically hurts to see Niall like this. “I’m not sure maybe a stomach bug, like one of those twenty four hour things.” Niall snorts, more like a nine month thing. “Hey babe, you feeling up to talking?” Liam asks, Niall shakes his head and wrap his arms around Liam’s waist. “Z do you think you could bring some medicine over, something to settle his stomach so we can get some food into him.” Niall wants to argue, tell Liam medication might be bad for the baby but he wants both of them here when he tells them.

    “Tea.” Niall mumbles, face still hidden in Liam’s laps. “Just ginger tea.” Liam stares at him but doesn’t argue.

    “Never mind Zayn, just grab some ginger tea. Okay see you soon love.” Liam hangs up and goes back to running his fingers through Niall’s hair. Shifting so he can cuddle the blonde, giving him little kisses and reassuring him it’ll all get better. Niall basks in the attention, loving how nice it is to just Liam hold him.

    Zayn comes running into the bedroom fifteen minutes later, a single brown paper bag in his hands. He smiles when he sees Liam and Niall, curled up together on Niall’s bed, Liam rubbing circles in Niall’s stomach. Liam smiles up at him, his free hand reaching up to take Zayn’s . The Bradford man finds himself being pulled down onto the bed, one hand holding Liam’s the other coming up to rest on Niall’s slightly swollen belly. That’s strange for someone whose been throwing up, maybe it’s just the result of the bug. Zayn presses a kiss to Niall’s cheek and closes his eyes, listening to the sound of Liam breathing.

    He must have fallen asleep because when Zayn opens his eyes next Niall’s not in bed anymore, it’s just him and Liam, he boyfriend sound asleep under him. Carefully Zayn crawls out of bed in search of their leprechaun, hoping he isn’t laying on the bathroom floor being sick again. Niall’s flat is the smallest, it’s just one floor with an open floor plan and a huge bedroom, there’s two bathrooms one for guests just off the kitchen and one for Niall. Zayn checks Niall’s bathroom first, happy when he doesn’t find the younger man trowing up. He wonders out of the bedroom and into the main living area, the radio by the TV is playing softly and something’s sizzling on the stove. Zayn finds Niall in the kitchen, singing softly and cooking some ribs.

    “Hi sleepy head.” Niall says turning to face him having heard Zayn’s foot steps. “I was just about to wake you two, dinner’s almost ready.” It then that Zayn notices Niall’s dinning table is funny set, steaming veggies in bowls and plates with utensils waiting for them. Niall’s even got a bottle of champaign resting in ice, though there’s only two glasses because Niall hasn’t had a single drop of alcohol since he agreed to become their surrogate. Zayn’s stomach flutters, this set up, could it be? Is Niall pregnant?


    “Go wake Liam, Z.” Niall doesn’t even look at him, just dismissing him and going back to cooking. Zayn watches him, Niall’s hips swaying lightly as he cooks, flipping the ribs and making sure the sauce is just right. Niall glares at him, one hand resting on his hip, the other holding the tongs out at him. “Go.” Zayn raises his hands up, and slowly back out of the room. Hormones.

    “Liam.” Zayn sings walking back into Niall’s room, smiling down at his sleeping boyfriend. Liam looks so young, so care free when he sleeps. He looks like the boy Zayn crushed on during X Factor, he’s still got a sketch book filled with doodles of Liam, Liam smiling, Liam sleeping, Liam eating. He might have been a bit obsessed with Liam before they got together, but no one needs to know that. “Wake up baby.” Zayn whispers as he crawls onto the bed, kissing his way up Liam’s jaw line. Liam moans and arches up into Zayn’s touch, hips moving of their own accord as they search for friction. “Come on babe, Niall’s going skin me a live if you don’t wake up.” Liam sighs, his lips curling into a pout. He doesn’t want to wake up, doesn’t want to leave the bed.

    “No.” Zayn smiles peppering Liam’s face with kisses, hands trailing down to rub at Liam’s tone belly, his scare barely visible.

    “Babe, Niall’s made us dinner. I think he’s got something important to tell us.” Liam’s eyes shot open, looking right into Zayn’s, searching to see if he’s lying.

    “Really?” Liam asked, smiling when he didn’t find a single drop of deceit in Zayn’s eyes. Zayn smiled at him, leaning down and stealing a kiss, rubbing their noses together.

    “You won’t know unless you get up, now will we.” Zayn jokes and Liam smiles at him, one hand brushing along Zayn’s jaw line.

    “I love you.” Liam smiles trying to pull Zayn down on top of him, Zayn just laughs and pokes at Liam’s sides. 

    “I love you too. Now get off your lazy arse and come and eat.” Liam sighs dramatically like pulling himself out of bed is such a chore. Zayn wraps himself around Liam and together they walk back to the kitchen. Finding Niall messing about by the dinning room table, setting down dressing for the salad and a steaming platter of ribs. He smiles at them, pulling the apron off on tossing it on the counter. Zayn smiles and pulls out Liam’s chair for him, and then doing the same for Niall.

    “You didn’t have to cook for us Niall.” Liam says taking Niall’s hand in his own and kissing it, Niall blushes and shakes his head.

    “You guys always take care of me. This is the least I could do for you.” Niall says, though he has an ulterior motive he did feel like thanking his friends for doing so much for him and always being there when he needs them. Niall and Liam turn to Zayn, matching smiles on their faces lighting up even more when they see him already spoon mountains of food onto their plates. Zayn smiles at them, his heart just swelling a the sight of Liam and Niall. He could quite place it but something inside him just warmed at the sight of the two other men smiling warmly at him.

    “Let’s eat then shall we.”  Zayn said, spooning a few baby corns onto Liam’s plate next to his baby back ribs. Liam frowned at the strange assortment of food.

    "Niall, what exactly did you make?" He asked holding up one of the baby corns and a tiny little leaf, it was all so cute but so unlike Niall. The Irishman blushed and ducked his head a bit.

    "Well the salad is made out of baby lettuce with baby carrots, baby avocados, some baby peas and baby tear drop tomatoes. The main dish is baby back ribs sprinkled with baby green onions and some baby corns on the side." Zayn’s cheeks were starting to hurt from his smile, Niall was trying to tell them something and Zayn knew exactly what it was. Niall was pregnant. Liam tilted his head, he was missing something, he just knew it.

    "It’s wonderful, thank you Niall." Zayn laughed and Niall shook his head, Liam was so thick sometimes. "What?" He demanded, Zayn shook his head and held his sides. The oven dinged and Niall gasped, he had forgotten about the bread.

    "I’ll get it." Zayn told him, trying to catch his breath between laughs. Liam stared at him the whole way into Niall’s open kitchen. Zayn grabbed the oven mitts and bent down to open the door, he started laughing again when the oven door opened. There sitting innocently was a warm little bun of French bread. Niall giggled at Zayn’s reaction, knowing the older man got all of his hints. "Liam!" Zayn gasped trying to keep a straight face. "Theres a bun in Niall’s oven." Niall lost it, doubling over and laughing uncontrollably, fists pounding at the table.

    It took Liam a full five minutes to realize just what Zayn was trying to tell him. Realization dawned on him, all the baby related foods, the bun in the oven, Zayn’s hints earlier. Niall wiped his eyes and looked up at him, one hand coming to rest on his slightly puffy tummy. Liam felt his jaw hit the floor, Niall was pregnant!

    "Ni! Are you pregnant?" Liam yelled jumping out of his chair and rushing over to kneel in front of Niall. The blonde nodding as he laughed at Liam’s reaction. Liam beamed and pulled Niall into a kiss quickly before lifting up Niall’s shirt to touch his stomach, Niall couldn’t be more than a month along and maybe it was just Liam’s imagination but he could almost feel the forming bump. "Hello little one." Liam cooed, kissing the area below Niall’s belly button and rubbing both his hands along Niall’s side.

    Zayn smiled as he knelt next to Liam and pressed a kiss to Niall’s stomach before pulling Niall into a kiss. They were going to be a family, three parents and a baby. Zayn froze at that thought, looking up at Niall’s beaming face and Liam’s happy tears, Zayn wondered when the feelings of being in love with Niall started. For now he shrugs it off, content with just rubbing at Niall’s puffy tummy.


    "Yes!" Niall moaned head tossed back as waves of pleasure rolled over his body. His hormones driving him insane, and since he didn’t have a boyfriend his only form of release was his hand and the embarrassingly large collection of sex toys Harry had helped him gather. "Ugghhh!" Niall groaned, this wasn’t working anymore. No matter which toy he used or how he flicked his wrist. Niall just wasn’t able to get off anymore and it was driving him up the wall.

    Niall slumped against the mountain of pillows on his bed. This was so pointless, he’d been at if for a two hours and he’d only cum once. That was because he thought about the last time he’d been with Liam and Zayn, when he told them he was pregnant. His two friend taking him to bed and worshiping his body, kissing his belly and each taking turns sliding into him. Now that Niall was pregnant, Zayn could enter him and not worry about ruining Liam’s chances of having a baby.

    "Fuck." Niall mumbled, rolling onto his side and rubbing his belly. Between the baby’s constant need to sit on his bladder and the uncontrollable urge to ride a cock, Niall couldn’t even take a proper nap. He sighed heavily, eyes rolling up to glare at his cell phone. No, absolutely not! He was not going to call Liam and Zayn! It was bad enough he was already devoted to the baby inside him, another round of sex with them and Niall knew he’d be a goner. In love with his two best friends. "I’m pathetic."

    He’d blame it on the hormones later but he desperately needed Liam and Zayn, inside him. Niall bit his lip and debated, text message or phone call. A call would probably be easier, but a text would be less embarrassing. Liam and Zayn never very far from their phones now, Liam couldn’t shake the fear that something horrible would happen to Niall or the baby.

    "Hello? Niall!" Liam answers on the first ring, worried voice filling Niall’s ears. "Are you ok? Is the baby okay?" 

    "Yeah we’re okay." Niall mumbled, suddenly this seems like a bad idea.

    "Did you need something love?" Liam asked, his fingers trailing lazily threw Zayn’s hair. They were spending quiet day at home but they’d gladly leave and get what ever Niall needs. Niall hesitates, this really doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore.

    "I kinda wanted some crisps but now that I’m showing its not really safe for me to drive and I was just wondering if you and Zayn wouldn’t mind getting some for me. But I mean you don’t have to, I have half a bag left and never Li, just never mind. Sorry." Niall shuffles his feet under the sheets, yeah this wasn’t a good idea. Maybe he’ll just try another toy,  or watch some porn.

    "No, no. It’s okay, we’re already on our way love." Liam coos, he can hear how hesitant Niall is. Niall isn’t an overly proud person but not being able to drive and get your own crisps must be a blow to his man hood. Zayn smiles and kisses Liam’s neck, he never got to experience craving runs during Liam’s pregnancies and for some  reason he’s actually looking forward to pushing a cart around a grocery and picking out the gross things Niall and their baby want to eat.

    "What does our baby need Li?" Zayn whispers against Liam’s skin, trying to listen in on the conversation. Liam smiles and rubs his cheek against Zayn’s.

    "Baby what type of crisps would you like?" Liam asks, Niall blushes on his end. He loves their little pet names.

    “The vinegar ones, maybe a small bag of cheddar. Oh and Liam, would you mind picking me up some lemonade?” Now that he thought about it, Pea was kinda hungry and Niall wouldn’t mind some lemonade to wash down all those crisps. Liam laughs, he’d gladly buy Niall lemonade and all the crisps he could eat.

    “We’ll be right over lovely.” Liam promised before hanging up. Niall couldn’t help but smile at Liam’s words, sliding out of bed and pulling his boxers back on. Sure his goal was to get them in bed with him but he wouldn’t open to door naked, that was just shameful.

    Zayn and Liam showed up fifteen minutes later, shopping bags filled with nearly every type of chip the local store carried and a full bottle of chilled lemonade just for Niall and Pea. Niall cheered when Zayn shook the bottle in his face, he was pregnant, hungry and horny all the time sue him. Liam smiled as Niall’s appearance, only a tight undershirt showing off his baby bump and boxer shorts on. It made Liam’s blood pump, only Zayn can get him this hot this quick. Zayn tossed him a look that clearly said he agreed with Liam’s current opinion. Niall poured them all glasses, before popping open the first bag of crisps his hands landed on. The moan Niall let out when the deep fired potato hit his lips, a shamefully dirty moan that made Liam and Zayn go ridged in their seat.

    “I’m in heaven.” Niall moaned, licking his lips and reaching into the bag for another crisp. He’s so glad he called Liam, maybe he doesn’t need a good fuck maybe all he needed was food. “Thank you.” Liam and Zayn both nod quickly, Niall is all flushed and lips still swollen from bitting on them earlier. Liam shifts closer to Zayn, he’s about to crack. Niall crack an eye open and looks at his friends, they are both flushed and bothered looking. Oh! Niall gasps slightly, he licks his lips again and crawls closer to them.  His hormones suddenly in charge again. “Li, Z. There is something I forgot to ask you to get me.” He’s in Zayn’s lap before he can stop himself, a little pout on his lips.

    “Wh-what’s that Niall?” Zayn croaks, watching as Niall’s brushes a hand over his bump, the rounded flesh peaking out at them from under Niall’s shirt. Liam can’t help himself, his hands slipping under Niall’s shirt and caressing the soft skin. Niall moans, and leans closer to Zayn.

    “I’m craving something right now.” Niall tells them, one hand covering Liam’s the other traveling lower on Zayn’s body. “I want you, both of you.” It makes the other two men groan, Liam’s pulling Niall’s shirt off and tossing it across the room without another word. His mouth attacking those still healing marks from their last meeting. Niall moans and fumbles with Zayn’s zipper, he needs to suck on Zayn’s dick and he needs it right now.

    Niall opens Zayn’s jeans and helps the older man kick them off, pale hands skillfully rubbing Zayn’s bare cock. Loving that the other man loves going commando when they aren’t on stage. Liam groans at the sight in front of him, Niall all round and pregnant with his baby resting in Zayn’s lap as Niall jerks him off.

    “Need you Z.” Niall moans, blue eyes flicking over to Liam, a small smile gracing his lips when their eyes lock. “Need you in my mouth.’’ It’s the only warning Zayn gets before Niall sinks between his legs, belly rubbing against the sofa as he pulls Zayn into his mouth. Zayn curses, Niall’s mouth so warm and hot, so skilled at doing such dirty things. Liam grabs Zayn’s jaw and forces his boyfriend to kiss him, their tongues sliding against each other. Zayn whimpers into Liam’s mouth, his throbbing cock touching the back of Niall’s throat. Niall pulls off with a pop, he’s still pretty slick form playing with himself earlier and just needed to get Zayn wet, Niall moans and shoves at Liam, moving him out of the way. Liam falls back against the couch and watches. Niall frantically pushing his boxers down and climbing on top of Zayn, he doesn’t even bother to re-stretch himself, just lines Zayn up with his entrance and slides down.

    “Fucking hell! Niall!” Zayn groans, Niall’s so tight and the position just makes him tighter. Niall’s body shakes as the blonde gets used to the intrusion, it’s a little sore and maybe he should have added a bit more lube but dear god Niall is loving how hot Zayn is inside him. He can practically feel Zayn’s pulse and blood is pumped to his thick cock. “Ride me baby.” Zayn grunts out, fingers dancing over Niall’s hips.

    Liam palms himself as he watches the two go out it, Zayn caressing Niall’s belly, fingers barely touching Niall’s leaking erection. Niall moans lewdly, bouncing up and down in Zayn’s lap. He needs more, he needs to be touched. 

    “Touch me.” Niall moans, eyes unfocused as he talks, hands digging into Zayn’s shoulders keeping himself anchored. “Please, touch me.” Zayn hums and slips a hand under Niall’s bod, a finger running along his own shaft, up to the place where they are joined and then prodding gently at the skin between Niall’s hole and his rock hard cock. The pressure on his Perineum makes Niall scream out and push down, his hips wiggling to get more.

    “Touch you where Niall?” Zayn tease, slowly dragging his finger across Niall’s taint and up to his balls, Niall gasps when Zayn slowly begins to play with him. His pale legs falling open even more, letting Zayn sink in even farther.

    “There! Please Zayn, fuck me there again.” Niall just a whimpering mess now, Zayn’s thumb flicking over his cock head as Niall took more and more of his cock inside his hungry hole. Liam’s hand appeared on Niall’s hips, lifting the blonde up and then bringing him down again, Liam’s other hand sliding in front of Niall and covering Zayn. Together they pleasure Niall’s cock, the blonde crying out as Zayn shifts under him forcing his swollen cock right into Niall’s prostate.

    “You like that baby. You when Zayn fucks into your G spot?” Liam asks, his dirty mouth sparking something deep inside Niall.

    “Yes, yes. Do it again, please fuck my G spot again.” If he hadn’t been riding Zayn for dear life Niall would have blushed at that, would have taken off to hide in a closet out of embarrassment. Zayn jerks his hips upwards just as Niall slides back down. Niall screams, his cock twitching in Liam and Zayn’s grasp. 

    “So fucking hot.” Liam comments, leaning around Niall and kissing Zayn. Niall is squished between them, the baby rolling at the sudden change. Liam’s hand cupping the round flesh of Niall’s pregnant belly, rubbing it gently as he tongue fucks Zayn’s mouth. Niall watches in amazement at just how hot his two friends are. Liam breaks away first and the two take turns kissing Niall, never depriving his leaking erection of attention. Zayn hits his prostate once more and Liam rubs his slit just right and Niall is cumming, shooting all over the three of them. Zayn follows close behind, coating Niall’s insides white with sperm.

    Zayn bites his lips as he cums, watching Niall’s hips slowly undulate on Zayn’s spurting cock, Niall’s body just can’t get enough of Zayn’s dick. Liam’s mouth ends up on Niall’s neck, sucking at the tender flesh and he helps Niall off of Zayn, hand running over Zayn’s now limp cock lovingly, guiding his boyfriend out of Niall’s body. Liam’s just about to lay Niall on the couch when the blonde grabs his arm and shakes his head. Niall is still horny, he needs both of them, not just one. 

    “I want you too Liam.” Liam blinks at him, Niall looks os hot right now. All fucked out from riding Zayn’s cock, cheeks flushes and hair falling into his glassy eye. “Please Liam, I’m craving you too.” It’s all Liam needs, he fingers Niall’s hole and maneuvers the younger man into position. Liam wants to fuck Niall over Zayn, wants them both to be able to touch that glorious round belly as Liam fucks Niall.

    “So hot babe.” Liam whispers in Niall’s ear, kissing his neck and pulling his now slick fingers out, using Zayn’s cum to lube his own cock. Niall grips the back of the sofa as Liam pushes inside him, Zayn smirking up at Niall. The muslim man still basking in the after glow, it’s Zayn’s turn to talk dirty.

    “Fuck him Li. He loves it so much.” Zayn says, caressing Niall’s bump softly. Liam smiles and pushes into Niall harder, careful not to hurt the baby deep inside his smaller lover. Liam would be able to live with himself if he hurt any of the people currently below him. Niall’s moaning again, his soften dick growing harder with each trust from Liam’s powerful hips. “Gonna fill you up Niall, gonna give you everything you crave.’’ Zayn whispers into Niall’s each, lean up and biting on Niall’s collar bone.

    “Please. Please, I need it so bad. Fill me up, fill me up.” Niall’s reduced to this whimpering mess again, he hadn’t fully recovered from his first orgasm and now as Liam pounds into him and Zayn whispers slutty thing into his ear all Niall can do is hold on a beg.

    “You want more baby?” Liam asks, waiting for Niall to nod before adjusting his hips and sliding in deeper, still mindful of how far he goes. Niall’s elbows shake as Liam’s weigh rests on him slightly, the older man’s finger’s digging into his hip and caressing his belly. Niall dips his head and captures Zayn’s lips, opening his mouth and inviting Zayn’s tongue inside him. Liam grinds into Niall at the sight, Zayn’s tongue wiggling out for a second before darting back inside Niall’s mouth. Liam bursts inside Niall, pushing his hips up tight against Niall’s spread ass cheek. Niall cums again, shooting into the hand Zayn doesn’t have on his bump.

    The three fall into a more comfortable position on the couch, they are sticky and gross but Niall passes out before Liam or Zayn can think straight again. Zayn smiles and runs a finger over Niall’s not yet popped out navel, if this is how craving runs are going to be then he’s really looking forward to them. Liam pulls Niall’s head into his lap and kisses the tip of Niall’s nose, he’ll always be glad to fulfill Niall’s cravings, even if the man isn’t pregnant.


    PART 6

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